Sydney Greyhounds

The Sydney greyhound races occur at a stadium considered to the pride of the New South Wales greyhound racing circuit and certainly hold the attention of many competitors and punters alike nationwide.

Sydney greyhounds race every Monday and Saturday evening during the season, with an array of talent on display, competing for cups and trophies that cover a range of distances and prestige, ranging from local cups to the world famous Sydney cup. It is no surprise that the Sydney greyhounds receive such a lot of attention, with their races broadcast live on SKY TV across the country, and a great many of the 600 plus online bookmakers take bets on the Sydney Greyhounds, with some even offering live streaming and storing replays of previous races allowing the punters to get their predictions as perfectly calculated as possible.

The Sydney greyhounds’ race at the Wentworth Park Sporting Complex, and the club behind it all is the Sydney Greyhounds Racing Club.

Wentworth Park Sporting Complex

The site of the Wentworth Park Sporting Complex is a name that should be held close at hand for any fan of online wagering, simply because the Complex is not only home to the Sydney Greyhounds, but also hosts rugby league matches, rugby union matches and even soccer games.

The Sydney Greyhounds first raced at Wentworth Park in 1932, and to this day hosts Sydney Greyhound racing every Monday and Saturday nights the whole year through. There are a number of competitions held here during the season including the Sydney Cup, a much-revered contest in the world of greyhound racing, not forgetting the New Year Trophy, The National Derby which is held every February and of course the Summer Cup.

The track at Sydney park has a loam surface which is guaranteed to promote the most exciting Sydney greyhound races much to the benefit of the punters watching from both the two level grandstand or online from their own living rooms.

With a circumference of 446-meters, and with a 52-meter radius on the turns, this 7-meter wide track is unsurprisingly the main stay of the Sydney Greyhound Racing Club and their events. Races are held over one of two distances, with several races of each being run each meet. The 520 meter races are the quickest of the two distances and really tests the acceleration of the Sydney greyhounds, while the 720 meter races are more suited to the ?tayers’ who enjoy racing over distance. This long race is a true test of the stamina needed to become a top Sydney greyhound.

With a track as enthralling as the one at Wentworth Park, it is obvious why so many top class races are held here during the Sydney greyhound racing season. It gives people across the country plenty of chances to not only study the form during the smaller meets, track stats online, and then lay down a wager or two when it comes the big race days. This is all possible through the modern convenience of Internet betting.

Sydney Cup

The highlight of the Sydney greyhound season, the Sydney cup is a champion of greyhound competitions. Contested over a distance of 720 meters, this ?alf miler’ is not something to be missed simply because of geographical location. Online betting shops cover this event and allow Australians as a whole to enjoy the splendour of this competition. With $25,000 dollars up for grabs this race is one that will keep the punters logging on to follow the action.

National Derby

This short distance sprint is contested for by Sydney greyhounds, and held over a distance of 520 meters. It has been held annually since 1963. It was won in 2008 by Borat with a time of 30.14 seconds, and with previous winners being as much as a whole second faster, it will be interesting to see who takes home the crown and the winners cheque in 2009.

Golden Easter Egg

This rather catchy named race is not just for a bit of fun over the Easter period, but is actually the second richest race in Australia. It is the pride of the Sydney greyhound-racing season, with the Sydney greyhounds chasing after a specially designed Easter Bunny.

The Golden Easter Egg has been held at the home of the Sydney greyhounds since 1990, it is part of a three week Sydney greyhound racing carnival, with ten separate heats being run, and a semi final before the final which is usually held over the Easter weekend.

This Sydney greyhound event is held over 520 meters and carries with it an immense prize of $150,000 dollars. It is no surprise that the biggest names in greyhound racing flock to the Sydney track for this event.

Edie Beauchamp set the race record in 2006 with a time of 29.80. With the winner in 2008 running almost a second and a half slower, it really is anybody’s race this time around and all eyes will be monitoring the form boards online in the build up to what is the biggest night of racing in the Sydney Greyhounds season.


While still second compared to horse racing, a night at the ?ogs’ is still a favourite past time of many Australians, and creates a perfect family night out. The races are quick and with enough to entertain people in between the sport will only continue to grow. The Sydney greyhounds are a testament to this and for that reason alone they are regarded as the very best that Australian greyhound racing has to offer.

The rise of Internet betting has shrunk the world of greyhound racing, and all to the benefit of this great sport. While horse racing may be called the sport of Kings, the dogs, and in particular the Sydney Greyhounds should certainly be called the Sport of the rest of the Royal Family.

With so many meetings held over the course of the year, not just at the Sydney greyhounds, but nationwide, it is only natural that people look to the internet to have their flutters. If a course near you isn’t hosting a race, or if you live in the north but prefer the action from the Sydney greyhounds, just log online and see. There are races run probably most nights of the week across the country as a whole, and with over 600 betting places licensed to run online, Australians can happily follow their chosen sport without having to wait for the next decent event at their local track.

Online betting allows punters to not only follow the main events, the group 1 races, but every meet across the scale from group 1 down to group 3, and it is precisely this completeness of service that makes online betting the hottest pastime around.

With the advent of the internet, record keeping took a huge step forward, and with many people scouring the web for the statistics of certain dogs, trainers, and tracks, it is much easier to place a bet while this information is directly at hand. Many internet betting shops will have links from their pages to various juicy items of statistical information, which will keep punters happy and coming back, whether to follow the Sydney greyhounds or those from elsewhere.